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CAVCON and Guilds Awareness Party

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Shorah Explorers,

With the recent news that the CAVCON index has been wrong almost since the beginning some of us have started wondering what could be done to increase again its level.

It was from a proposal by our fellow explorer Gahlen, that we had this idea: make a big party!

From the information we have, many of the regular explorers in the cavern have no idea of the current situation and some of them don't even know that MystOnline is funded solely by fan donations. So we think that there is a big part of our community that is not donating because they have no idea that they can.

From here we got the idea of a big "CAVCON awareness Party" and in the meantime we thought we could also increase explorer awareness of the various Guilds and other community groups. The Guild of Messengers is planning the party in collaboration with other Guilds and D'niJs.

We are trying to make this a 24 hour party which will take place on Friday October 21st, where the D'niJs will stream music and members of the Guilds and other indivisuals will distribute informations about the CAVCON and the many Guilds of D'ni.

We have already gotten collaboration from the major D'niJs of the community, like Donahoo, Lord Chaos and Dichromus, and also from the Guild the Writers, the Guild of Sleepers and the Guild of Healers.

The organization is still going on and everyone is welcome to help us in any way, posting their thoughts and ideas in our Party thread. We are still missing a location for the party, some hours of music streaming are not covered, and we would also like to organize some activities along with the dances and talks.

So participate with us to organize the biggest party in years for MOUL!


P.S Visit Hood Of Illusions' hood for instructions on how to get to city. 

Ort in D'ni: 
Hood of Illusions' city
Datum des Anlasses: 
21. Oktober 2011 (All day)
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